I wanna put it round my neck and dance dance dance.

watch my back so i make sure you're right behind me as before

nothing to say, no.


the smell of a new car.

You've got a friend in me.


The birds are planning our deaths.

it's saturday and my legs fucking sparkle.

We all feel ashamed someday, I just keep it to myself.


Jag har köpt saker.

ofcourse I went to Esplanaden this morning, and got everything except the shoes for 80kr (8 euros).. sort of nice.

Lay with me, I'll lay with you we'll do the things that lovers do put the stars in our eyes and with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses. devine.

x Discussed girl stuff with Carl.
x Bought girl stuff with lovely Carl (the eyeliner above!)
x Biked
x Missed Sebastian who has escaped Lund
x Listened to Toves crappy spotifylists
x taken cute images wearing my children cardigan
x easter break

That was my little day.
How have you been today?

/ J

Save the planet. hard rock cafe. reykjavik


I bought the jacket at a market,
epicly happy. 50 kr and works perfectly with a thicker shirt under it.

Update Upgrade.

Just gonna drop the bomb.


Did you know? I we have kept a secret from you..
We are two running this blog.The girl on the top picture is one of my best friends and we both run this blog.
The blog was hers from the start but then I sort of got invited to join her. Tove hasn't really wanted to be seen on here until now, but we want all of you to know that she's here and does a lot more for the blog than me!

Tove does all the inspiration posts and fixes with the layout, I do all the personal posts.
Nothings going to change with the updates/way we blog, but now you know we're two here.

/ Josefin & Tove

It's those tiny things that makes it pop.


La Scarpetta.


Who if not Josefin found this looovely faux fur coat this weekend?
After I've been looking for a real pretty one for so long I finally found one,
200 kr and bought secondhand. It was truly worth it.

What do you think sweethearts?

I think you've got the wrong cigarettes..?

i love my grandma to pieces.
just like that she gives me a gorgoeus lamp and loads
of piano books. the fact that I don't play piano or have a room to hang
the lamp in (yet!) doesn't matter! I'm still freaking happy. tihihi.


They only want you when you're seventeen When you're twenty-one You're no fun.


A lot is happening right now, trying to keep up.
Feels like I don't have anything to write about
i miss your sweet comments, maybe you could cheer me up? puss