from 2 years ago

prioritizing is a bitch

how i spend my nights:
when i can't sleep i polyvore - 
when i can't polyvore i draw -
when i can't draw i work -
i've totally got my priorities right..


I made this when it still was summer. and when i still was a smoker, hence the lighter.
oh and yeah i'm trying to quit, so far I'm not doing so well bleh.
btw I'll love you forever if you buy me those shoes, promise. 
I'll do your homework, cook, anything. heelp


Autumn is coming. Or winter is coming (as I bet all of you games of thrones people say it).
I figured what wouldn't be better to get yall' in the mood for some cold-ass-funky-weather
than two pictures of my handsome man running some errands in the cold. 

my lips like ooh chicka waa

One of too many experiments in photoshop, just a bunch of textures + layer effects.
What you do:

1. Draw a girl
2. Fill in the parts you want with funky colours
3. Add about 20 layers with various textures
4. Add some funky layer styles
5. Duplicate it 
6. Delete the duplicated the layer because you forgot why you did it in the first place.
7. Fucking love what you just created (optional)

butt naked people

you'd figure a lonely teen that's dropped out of school would update her blog like crazy.
but nah that just aint' me. no but for real, i'm lazy ok?
What have I been up to lately? wellll....
x I've been sick.
x I've fell in love with my boyfriends xbox.
x I've studied anatomy (which basically means drawing BUTT NAKED PEOPLE).
x I got a new job, as an artist for an onlinegame, which means I've been working.
I've also realized that the group of friends I used to be jealous of because they were so cool and fashionable
really are just ultra boring. I mean they are all the same, completely absorbed in their own little world of
parties, boring fashion and other super ficial things.
I think I need to go and buy a pair of pink jeans and start playing the banjo. Cause as long as it keeps me from
becoming yet another boring stereotype, with no too quirky hobbies or clothes, I'll do it. I guess being a hard-
core music lover/horse artist/nude person painter/lonely wolf/high-school drop out just isn't enough for me.
btw art by me don't steal plzzz