Lie for a while with your ear against the earth.

 dress - topshop, necklace - secondhand
starting high school tomorrow. gonna die eeh.

Smoke on sundays when you are drunk and dressed.

Tröja - Reused 10.01, shorts - levis, necklace - secondhand/handmade 
as the 70's show-fan I am I pretty much screamed when I saw this packers shirt at reaused, 
since green bay packers is wisconsins american football team! (nerd-warning, but still!)

Ultra fucking violet nightmare. Dreaming is hell.

sweet dreams he said as we died.

Electricity between both of us, and this, is, dangerous.

shirt - weekday secondhand, necklaces - secondhand + gifts

I eat sixteen saltine crackers, then lick my fingers.

while j is in rhodos tanning her not-so-white-ass I'll just have to
try and entertain you with some inspo.

I'll never feel ashamed of using you for pleasure.

 fun song + pretty girl

It's just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs. 2

Garment, check recent post.
My two favourites that didnt come up in the last post, but here you go!
xx j

A friend is only a lover you're not committed to.

 dress from weekday, earrings from mexico, belt from esplanaden (tack bästa sofia <3) 
i just love this belt, works with pretty much everything 

Sex, Drugs, Rock'n Roll, Speed, Weed, Birth Control.

the time has come for way out west.
so pack your bags and lets get dressed.
cya in 3 days.

Too much to loose. Once holding a gun I don't know.


What's with these homies who be dissing my boy?

hanging in falsterbo with sebb, enjoying the last days of summer.
Eating way too much icecream, strawberries and stuff.
xx j
sorry for them crappy pictures.

At high tide, high tide, barely made it out alive.

 finally started to fill up my inspo folders again. await a bunch of awesomeness soon.

It's just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs.


bathingsuit/body - humana secondhand, shorts - levis 510 (dyed and cut by us) shoes - attic, lipstick - "dare" from make up store.